Sometimes you are the cock of the walk. Sometimes you are just a feather duster. Almost everybody alive today knows that the United States is the leader of any industry one can think of. They are not used to watching other people lead. When your version of English language is more popular than the original version, you know the one your colonial master speaks, people get the idea of the length you would go for independence.

The MLS Football is 23 years old and it represents the finest example of one the very rare areas of life that the United States are lagging behind. They harbor youngsters no one has heard about nor cares to know if they exist in the first place. The prize money is crap and the revenue clubs gotten from season tickets remains a sad story. On top of that they serve as Old People’s home to players who have the name but whose best days are way behind them.

In fact, that is the only way MLS Football gets any coverage at all. No one is checking Youtube to watch their highlights or skills, no, everyone wants to know what Ol’ Zlatan Ibrahimovic is up to over the weekend.

Same goes for when Ronaldinho, Landon Donovan and David Beckham played there.

Europe has it all. Even the Brazilian and Argentine leagues of South America see more action. The crème de la crème plays in Europe. From having the best players to have played the beautiful game to having the best tournaments any football fan could ask for.

The MLS Football and by a stretch, America as a whole might remain like this, forever missing the train but given that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the best thing Europe has seen in decades, they deserve to see a bit of their fine wine even if it will happen when they have almost turned as sour as vinegar.