Michael Carrick reckons the Red Devils would not be able to make their opponents

Michael Carrick reckons the Red Devils would not be able to make their opponents feel intimidated by them again unless they win matches.

Manchester United seems to have lost the fear factor after losing to weaker teams in the ongoing season.

In their previous game in the Premier League on Saturday, they suffered loss at the hand of AFC Bournemouth.

Earlier in the week, it’s the German club Wolfsburg which had defeated them in Europe to knock them out from there.

In the words of Carrick, “Winning is the main thing. If you play dominating Football and win, sides would obviously fear playing you.”

United did not have all the regulars available in the Premier League game at Bournemouth, but, Carrick, a veteran of close to 400 games at Old Trafford, refused to put the defeat down to that.

However, the midfielder was of the view that it would be a little harsh to criticize young players as they, with whatever little experience they had, did not do that poorly.

Carrick said, “The Europe elimination was an immensely tough pill to swallow. There was a lot of sadness in the group.”

“A win at Bournemouth would have helped, but, it went wrong there as well to make it even worse.”

“We were hampered by the injuries and couldn’t put our strongest squad out there. But, frankly speaking, it was not that bad from the youngsters considering the fact that they did not have too much of experience of playing at this level.”

“These are not excuses though, let me be clear. I never look for excuses. I believe it’s up to you to cope with your issues and put on the performance on the pitch. Nothing holds the importance other than the outcome of the game.”