Manuel Neuer doesn’t care if the Bundesliga becomes boring

Bayern Munich are the reigning champions of the Bundesliga and they have been winning the German league for consecutive years since the season of 2012-13. The German titans are also on track on winning their current campaign as the team of Pep Guardiola is located at the top of the Bundesliga with a total of 46 points having been secured after 17 matches.

Borussia Dortmund is positioned in 2nd place with 38 points, this means that Bayern Munich has an advantage of 12 which is huge and all signs are pointing towards Pep Guardiola lifting his 2nd successive Bundesliga title.

However, there is a problem that originates when a team becomes so powerful and unbeatable in any league and it’s the fact that the league becomes rather dull and boring because that specific team simply runs over everything in it’s path and this is what is happening in the German league.

Manuel Neuer stated that neither him or his teammates are interested if the Bundesliga turns into a dull league which only has 1 team dominating everyone else as they are only focused in winning more matches, adding more points and eventually claiming yet another league title which is where everyone in the club is aiming to do according to the highly rated shot-stopper.

“As players at Bayern, we’re not interested in any boredom we’re interested in picking up three points each game. We’ve got a possible record in front of us as the first team to become German champions four times in a row. That’s our goal. We ourselves aren’t satisfied either. Just this week I spoke with Thomas Muller about our exit against Barcelona last year, so something remains in our minds. The Treble would obviously be the ultimate for us.” Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer said as he stated that winning the Bundesliga is not the only objective of the club, they are also targeting the Champions League.