Manchester City is indeed interested to sign Kevin De Bruyne

Manchester City is indeed interested to sign Kevin De Bruyne, but, the 23-year old wants to wait for a bit of time and see if he is offered an extension from Wolfsburg which he is playing for right now.

As per his agent, the player believes he owes a lot to the owners of Wolfsburg as they had showed faith in his abilities at the most difficult time of his career.

But, De Bruyne’s loyalty might go for a toss if City comes up with a mind boggling salary package.

And, there is no wrong in it. Every player looks to make sure that he secures his future in the best possible way and that might be the case with De Bruyne too.

Although his agent is repeatedly trying to insist the playmaker is likely to continue to be a part of Wolfsburg, but, the midfielder himself hinted a few days ago that a City transfer is not out of the question by any means.

If Wolfsburg has to make De Bruyne stay, they will have to put a substantial offer in front of him.

De Bruyne had turned out to be the most superior performer in German top tier the previous season and he is on the radar of many top clubs apart from City this summer.

Even if De Bruyne makes his mind to leave Wolfsburg, it would not be easy for City to slot him in.

There will be competition from the likes of Paris Saint-Germain.

De Bruyne’s aspirations of playing in the Premier League would probably get him drawn towards City.

But, City must be prepared that they might miss out on De Bruyne and they should, thus, keep their plan B ready.

They might look for Jack Wilshere too in case De Bruyne seems out of the reach.