Manuel Neuer back in training

Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is back in training after an absence of 15 weeks.

He said that it is the first time that he is at 100 per cent after injuring himself in the game against Real Madrid.

He said that it had been a difficult period for him and he had to work hard in order to get back to full fitness.

He said that he is happy to be back in training with the first team and that he is excited about the new season. He said that it was the first time that he was able to run properly and that he has undergone a light training, but he feels great.

Bayern Munich will be playing the first game of the new Bundesliga season against Bayer Leverkusen and Manuel Neuer is hoping that he will be able to feature in this game.

The goalkeeper said that he is excited about the new season and he wants to help the team win a new title. He said that there is a great atmosphere around the club and that the players believe that they can clinch another Bundesliga title.

He said that it was a disappointment to have lost in the quarter-final of the Champions League last season and that they want to change that this season. He believes that they have a squad that can win the Champions League and that it is up to the players to deliver the good. He said that they have a good manager and that he allows them so much freedom on the pitch, but it is up to the players to play to their best level.

Manuel Neuer said that the new players have integrated well in the club and that he feels they will make the club stronger.