German first choice goal keeper Manuel Neuer says the team that represented them at the Euro 2016 in France was very good.

Germany lost to the hosts 2-0 in the semi final even though they dominated most parts of the game. A brace from in-form striker Antoine Griezmann sent the German machines home despite their decent showing at the continental tournament.

Manuel Neuer tricked Leonardo Bonucci when they defeated Italy after nine rounds of penalty kicks at the quarter final stage. When Boateng committed a foul, the referee pointed to the spot and Bonucci, who had an amazing season, took it. He started his movement before stopping then sending the goal keeper the wrong way as already leaned in the wrong direction. The second time during the penalty shoot out, with the score tied 2-2, it was his turn again. Bonucci does the same thing but the goal keeper anticipated the move. Like the first Neuer slightly slants towards the left and Bonucci thinking the keeper would make the same mistake sent the ball to the right and he saves it, giving his country another chance.

Neuer enjoyed a great tournament despite the loss and he said so after the tournament. “It is a semi final, there are no worse moments than losing these games. I don’t want to say that we were the better side but 2-0 was not a fair result,” the goal keeper said.

He added that the team had the whole of the half to equalise before the second goal came in. The second goal was the one that effectively weakened the fighting chance of the team. Neuer said the team was motivated but was just not lucky enough. Former German international Michael Ballack fells the coach Joachim Low got his tactics wrong while his opposition were just organized. France will now face Portugal in the final set for Sunday.