AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli has rejected the opinion that he was hot headed in the last few years, which led to him not being successful at Inter Milan and Manchester City. Balotelli has been the regarded as one of the best young talents in the game for the last few years. However, he has been unable to take his game to the next level due to a series of off the pitch incidents, which have also led to his departure from Manchester city in the January transfer window.

However, since signing for AC Milan in a £ 20 million deal, the striker has been at the peak of his powers. He has helped the Italian club moving to the top three of the Italian league table, while they are only a couple of points behind the leaders Juventus. This position would have not been predicted by many only a few months ago. Since his move to the San Siro, Balotelli has managed to score seven goals in just seven matches for the team. He has also been on fire for the Italian national team as well.

The forward has said that his goal scoring abilities in recent weeks have helped people take a look back at his image of a bad boy.

“I’ve never had a big head. I do not consider myself to be the best in the world, nor the worst. I am me and that is enough. Thanks to the Italy squad and especially the Euros, now fans of other clubs are starting to like me too. I can see from the way they act around me. The Nazionale has something special, something more, and I am happy that the squad is getting younger. I have been changing for a while, it’s just that before you couldn’t see the improvements,” said Balotelli.

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