ADAM MOFFAT was just a toddler when The Proclaimers released “Letter From America” in 1987, but rarely have the patriotic lyrics been as fitting to an individual as they are to a Scottish midfielder currently plying his trade in Major League Soccer.

“Linwood no more”. The line holds resonance 24 years later for Moffat. He was brought up in the Renfrewshire town which Craig and Charlie Reid sang about in reference to the closure of the area’s Chrysler car plant but his search for employment as a footballer would ultimately take him across the Atlantic.

After grinding out a living with Ross County and Elgin City after leaving school, Moffat was given the opportunity to head stateside to join the second-tier club Cleveland City Stars. His talents did not go unnoticed. After being named in the league’s All Star Team, he was duly drafted by MLS side Columbus Crew in 2007.

Four successful years in Ohio followed, including victory in the MLS Cup in 2008, albeit minus Moffat – injury preventing him from playing in the final.

“After we won the final we flew to the White House to meet President Obama,” recalls Moffat. “It was incredible. I was shaking hands with the American President and I was standing there thinking that just 10 years ago I was living in Linwood with my parents going to Gryffe High. It was something I’ll never forget.”

His dalliance with stardom only reinforced his comfort in his new surroundings. Now happily married, the American way of life clearly agrees with him and last year he played in almost every one of the Crew’s matches and even tasted action in the CONCACAF Champions League.

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